Nemo Potest Esse Dominus Et Haeres

No one can be both owner and heir.

Postliminium Fingit Eum Qui Captus Est In Civitate Semper Fuisse

(Civil law.) Postliminy conceives him who was captured always to have been within the state.

Temporalis Actio

(Civil law.) An action which had to be brought within a certain limited time, if…

Make One's Law

See to make one's law.

At Any Time

A phrase of relative meaning to be construed according to the particular context in which…

Original Undertaking

See original promise.


An understanding or agreement, especially an agreement between nations.

Newly Discovered Assets

Assets of a bankrupt coming to light after the closing of the estate in bankruptcy.…

Ultra Mare

Beyond the sea; beyond seas.

Ad Grave Damnum

To the great damage.