Procedural Due Process

A regular course of justice, which is not unreasonable or arbitrary, upon notice and hearing,…

Eo Quod Plerumque Fit

See ex eo quod plerumque fit. eorl. Same as earl.


A dangerous condition on premises. 38 Am J1st Negl ยง 105. A trap to ensnare…


See angild.

Bible Reading

See sectarian purpose.

Lease For Years

A contract between lessor and lessee by which the lessor contracts to grant the possession…

Nemo Debet Ex Alieno Damno Lucrari

No one ought to profit out of the loss of another.

Judex Pedaneus

(Roman law.) A judge appointed by the praetor to try a case of lesser importance.

Surplusage Does Not Vitiate

A maxim. State v Richards, 32 W Va 348, 9 SE 245.

Term Annuity

An annuity the payments of which are terminable by the voluntary act of the annuitant.…