At Any Time

A phrase of relative meaning to be construed according to the particular context in which it appears. Under a statute providing that anyone claiming an interest in the litigation may "at any time" be permitted to assert his right by intervention, it has been held that intervention may be allowed while the suit is pending in court, but not after the entry of final judgment. Anno: 37 ALR2d 1327. As used in a statute authorizing a state bond issue and providing that the bonds shall be payable in not less than ten years or more than thirty, but that at the option of the Industrial Commission they shall be payable "at any time" after five years from the date of their issue, the phrase "at any time" does not mean that the bonds may be called only at the expiration of five years or within a reasonable time thereafter, but it means any time after five years from the date of issue and before the date of their stated maturities. Catholic Order of Foresters v State, 67 ND 228, 271 NW 670, 190 ALR 979.